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Majestic churches, charming burgher houses and elegant palaces, tiny squares and romantic little streets, and towering over all this, the stately Castle, visible from afar. You can find everything here, but on a small scale. Its human dimensions, friendly atmosphere, musical traditions, irresistible charm, relaxed tempo and its pedestrian centre make this town a well kept secret among people who are looking for something genuine and pleasant.

Musical Bratislava Tour - Old Theatre hall

Musical Bratislava Tour

Find out about Bratislava's musical history and enjoy a private opera tour.

Panoramatic Bratilava Tour

Panoramic Bratislava Tour

Enjoy breathtaking views of Bratislava from Old Town’s towers and Castle.

Off the Beaten Path Tour

Off the Beaten Path Tour

Enjoy the narrow cobbled streets, romantic corners and secluded courtyards.

Devin Castle Wine Tour

Devin Castle Wine Tour

Explore magnificent Devin Castle and taste local black currant wine.

Countryside Wineries Tour

Countryside Wineries Tour

Discover top Slovak wineries in Bratislava's wine-making surroundings.

Automobile Bratislava Tour Volkswagen

Automobile Bratislava Tour

Learn about modern Bratislava and its sophisticated car production.

Coronation Festival

Coronation Tour

Follow in the footsteps of crowned heads along the coronation route and visit venues of coronations.

Danube Explorer Tour

Danube Explorer Tour

Explore Bratislava from the Danube river and have fun along.

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