Bratislava Guided Tours

Coronation Tour

Coronation Tour

Few cities experienced as many royal coronations as Bratislava. When Bratislava/Pressburg/Pozsony was the capital of Hungarian Kingdom, a total of 19 kings and queens were crowned here. We will take you on a fascinating tour just like in the old days starting from the Castle, down to the Old Town following in the in the footsteps of crowned heads.
On this tour you will visit all the main venues following the coronation route including the St. Martin’s Cathedral or the Franciscan Church and finish by the Danube where the newly crowned monarch swore the Oath to the Land. At the end you will be served the King’s favourite dessert in a traditional café.

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Coronation of new king

Coronation Tour

Enjoy a walking tour at a leisurely pace through the cobbled streets of historic Bratislava following the route of coronation processions.

Duration: 3 hours

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