Bratislava Guided Tours

Devin Castle & Bratislava City Tour

Devin Castle & Bratislava City Tour

1. Old Town Walking Tour. This tour starts with a walking tour of Bratislava’s Old Town takes in all the must-sees of this historic city. Starting at the elegant Opera House, our guide takes you to the charming Main Square dominated by the medieval Old Town Hall and Bratislava’s oldest fountain. From the Main Square our guide takes you pass the Old Town Hall to another quiant square to visit Bratislava‘s largest palace – Primate’s Palace, formerly winter residence of Hungarian archbishops. The priceless complete set of 17th century royal English tapestries here on show was found in the palace during renovation by chance. The Tour continues through narrow winding alleys to Michalska ulica with the town’s only preserved town gate - St Michael’s Gate - towering at the street’s top end and burgher houses with romantic courtyards. The following Venturska ulica and surrounding streets are the musicians’ quarter where numerous famous music composers studied, lived or gave concerts, of whom Bartok, Liszt, Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven were among the most famous ones. Afterwards, you visit one of Bratislava’s landmarks and its largest church – the St. Martin’s Cathedral, where during 270 years 19 members of the Habsburg family where crowned to Hungarian kings. The tour finishes back at the Opera House.

2. Bratislava Castle. Enjoy the panoramic drive by coach or car passing the Old Town walls and the elegant Presidential Palace and further through a villa quarter to panoramic points to take in the stunning views of the the city. Towering on a strategically located hill 85 metres above the Danube River, the Castle grounds have been continuously inhabited for more than 2000 years. The oldest parts of the present Castle date from the 13th century, when a border castle was built here by Hungarian king only to be succeeded in the following centuries by larger and ever more sumptuous structures. For over 270 years the Hungarian Royal Crown Jewels were stored and guarded here. The Castle saw its golden age in the 18th century during the reign of Queen Maria Theresa, when it was transformed into her summer resindence in Hungary. Enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views and learn more about Bratislava in general.

3. Devín Castle. In Bratislava’s western suburb, Devín Castle is set in a beautiful natural scenery. Build on top of a 80m high rocky outcrop, it towers over the historic village of Devín and the confluence of the Danube and the Morava rivers which form the border with Austria. The rock saw presence of the Celts and Romans and later the Slavs who had an important stronghold here, but the beginnings of the medieaval Castle date to the 12-13th century. Because of its strategic location at the border for almost two millenia, it had been occupied and fought for by many armies and sovereigns. Always rebuilt, the Castle was last destroyed by Napoleon´s troops in 1809 for no apparent reason as it no longer had a strategic importance. Preserved and partly rebuilt, today the Upper Castle offers, wheather permitting, breathtaking views reaching as far as Vienna and the Alps.

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"Dear Martin, how can we tell you how much this day meant to us? Wow! What a meeting of the minds! It has been a highlight of the 12 trips that we have made together. We feel like we took a first rate course at Slovak University given by a distinguished professor. It was a great pleasure from start to finish."
C.S., Oregon, USA

Bratislava Castle View

Devin Castle & Bratislava City Tour

Enjoy an expert tour at a leasurly pace through the cobbled streets of historic Bratislava. Afterwards enjoy a drive to Bratislava Castle and panoramic points. At the end visit the magnificient Devin Castle and admire unspoilt countryside along the Danube.

Duration: 5-8 hours

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