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Is Bratislava safe?

As for crime and violence Bratislava is one of the safest capitals in Europe. As for Covid-19 the city is roomy, green and far from crowded. 

How much time do I need for Bratislava?

The city has changed incredibly. There is a lot more to see than most expect. Plan for 3 days.

How far is Bratislava from Vienna?

About 40 miles. 1 hour by train, bus or car. About 1,5 hour by catamaran.

What is the currency in Bratislava?

Slovakia has been using Euro since 2009.

Is Bratislava worth visiting?

It should definitely be on your bucket list. It’s historic, preserved and picturesque with two massive castles. For many it’s a blend of Vienna, Budapest and Prague. In addition, it’s a student city with a young vibe and surprisingly modern. The Carpathians reaching right into the city and the Danube with its side arms and fluvial forest make it the greenest city in Europe.

Should I take a tour of Bratislava?

Definitely. Bratislava has a lot of stories worth hearing. There are great guides at Martin Sloboda, who are happy to make your tour personal and memorable.

Why Martin Sloboda and his team?

  1. At Martin Sloboda we feel lucky to be in employ that fits our personality perfectly.
  2. Our passion for Slovakia, sense of humor and personal touch create memories of a lifetime.
  3. Thanks to our professional approach, profound knowledge and attention to detail our guests receive a very personal experience.
  4. We work with carefully selected and highly qualified guides who meet high personality requirements in order to build a powerfully successful team.
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