Bratislava top sights

Bratislava Top 12 Sights

Bratislava has a beautiful natural setting partly on the slopes of the Carpathians and partly along the Danube river. It enjoys a unique location in a corner of three countries and has a typical Habsburg ambiance with a touch of the Mediterranean. Bratislava is much larger, more attractive and has a lot more to offer than most people think. This list of Top Sights are therefore just the absolute must-sees when visiting Bratislava. It is already enough to fill more than two full days. You can experience the following but many more on our Bratislava Essential City Tours or Insight Tours of Bratislava.

1. Bratislava castle - top sights

1. Bratislava Castle

Originally a Gothic castle and the seat of kings, the Castle is without doubt the symbol of Bratislava and one of its top sights. It affords a beautiful view over the town and can itself be seen from a distance of over 30 km.

2. St. Martin's Cathedral - Bratislava top sights

2. St. Martin’s Cathedral

For centuries this former coronation church was the tallest building in the town and it is now its most valuable architectural monument. The crown on the top of the cathedral spire is a reminder of the coronations that took place here.

3. Old Town Hall - Bratislava top sights

3. Old Town Hall

This complex of buildings from various periods, harmoniously complementing each other, is to be found in the middle of the Old Town. Here you can breathe in the atmosphere of Bratislava’s 600 years of history, with its bright and dark sides.

4. Primate's Palace - Bratislava top sights

4. Primate’s Palace

This magnificent palace was built as the winter residence of the Hungarian archbishops and now serves as the Town Hall. The splendid rooms can boast of precious English tapestries.

5. Michael's Gate - Bratislava top sights

5. St. Michael’s Gate

One of the dominant landmarks of the Old Town, this is the only gateway in the town’s fortifications still standing. There is an interesting museum inside and its balcony offers a delightful view of the Castle.

6. Blue Church - Bratislava top sights

6. Blue Church

This unique church was designed by renowned Budapest architect Edmund Lechner as part of a complex with a school and parish house. The Church of St Elisabeth is named after Elisabeth who was born and grew up in Bratislava Castle, but thanks to its color, everyone commonly refers to it as the Blue Church.

7. Presidential Palace - Bratislava top sights

7. Presidential Palace

This elegant palace was built in Rococo style in 1760 for Count Anton Grassalkovich, who at that time was head of the Hungarian Royal Chamber. A large Baroque garden was established behind the palace. At that time, the palace marked the edge of the city where the spread of vineyards started.

8. SNP Bridge - Bratislava top sights

8. SNP Bridge

No matter what people think about the SNP bridge, everyone can agree without doubt that it is one of the dominant features of Bratislava. The bridge was designed in the 1960s and built between 1967 and 1972, at which time it was definitely a bit Avant-garde thanks to its unique design and construction.

9. Eurovea - Bratislava top sights

9. Eurovea

The uniqueness of the new districts along the Danube lies in how they are right in the city center, just a few minutes’ walk from the Old Town. This has finally turned Bratislava from being a city along the Danube to a city on the Danube, and this element of water in the city gives it an altogether new dimension.

10. Devin Castle - Bratislava top sights

10. Devin Castle

One of the largest castles in Slovakia is to be found in the west of the city. Nations and civilizations have come and gone here in the course of a thousand years. The fantastic panoramic view is an unforgettable experience.

11. Historic Opera - Bratislava top sights

11. Historic Opera

The elegant building of the Opera House is a living symbol of Bratislava’s rich musical traditions. Many people familiar with the town cannot imagine a trip to Bratislava without paying it a visit.

12. Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum - Bratislava top sights

12. Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum

Since 2000, a narrow artificial peninsula on the Danube has been home to an attractive gallery of modern art, named after the river and its Dutch founder. It unites people with art, just as the Danube unites various countries and cultures.

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