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Bratislava has been a border town since time immemorial. Thanks to its strategic location it became a target for many famous armies that tried to capture it in numerous sieges. In the late 1930s, after Hitler’s Anschluss of Austria, the border of the Third Reich reached the city limits. In an effort to protect the country from a German invasion, Czechoslovakia started constructing a sophisticated defense line along its western borders consisting of thousands of modern fortresses.

In 1938 Bratislava had a complete defense system of 15 smaller and bigger fortresses. Since Hitler got the borderland after the Munich conference without fight, the fortresses were left untouched and were never used or destroyed. In the early 1950s the Communist regime built the “Iron Curtain“ and the borderland remained a fiercely watched border where many, who tried to cross it illegally, died.

Today we are lucky to live peacefully in a European Union without borders. The borderland is free and open. Recently activists renovated a couple of fortresses that serve as museums and tell an unhappy yet fascinating part of our history.

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"Thank you so much for a wonderful tour yesterday! I can definitely say we walked away knowing much more than we anticipated. The history here is incredible. We really enjoyed seeing the military bunker. It was very accessible with authentic equipment, and made it easy to imagine how it must have felt in the area. Your personal stories throughout the tour added so much, and we truly appreciate all of the thought (and time!) that you put into the day."

R.G., Colorado, USA

Bratislava Military History Tour - Gun in Shelter
Bratislava Military History Tour - Second World War shelter

Bratislava WWII Bunker Tour

Enjoy a visit of a renovated WW2 bunker and the previous Iron Curtain Area with an expert private tour.

Duration: 3 hours

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